Christmas Candy Crystal Competition

We loved this Christmas tree crystal grown by Julia Mundy of the John Innes Centre and were delighted to award her a £25 Amazon gift voucher as a winner in our Christmas crystal competition.

There's still time for you to enter and possibly win a prize: just tweet @molecularD or email us a picture of your crystal by 7th January 2019, and you could be in with a chance of earning an Amazon gift voucher as well!

As a reminder, the Molecular Dimensions children and grandchildren kindly agreed to demonstrate how to set-up a rock candy crystallisation, below.

Many thanks to them, and a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

  1. Clip a wooden skewer to a clothes-peg so that when the skewer is suspended in a jam jar it rests about 2.5 cm above the bottom of the jar.
  2. Pour a cup of water into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

  3. If you want coloured crystals, add some food colour. For brightly coloured crystals, you will need to add quite a lot of colouring.

  4. Add about 1/4 cup of sugar and dissolve completely. Keep adding sugar until no more will dissolve. Be patient and don't stop too soon!

  5. Pour the supersaturated sugar solution into your jam jar.

  6. Add your skewer.
  7. Crystals should appear in 3-7 days.
  8. Send us your pictures of crystals. We can't wait for them to brighten our new year!


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