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"We regularly order our own 'in house' designed screen from Molecular dimensions. Great opportunity to tailor a screen to your own requirements without all the work of preparing it." Custom Screen

Clare Stevenson, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

"For new membrane proteins, we routinely use Molecular Dimensions' MemGold 2 crystallization screen to screen for crystal hits. This screen is superior to other membrane protein screens because of it's wide chemical space coverage and non-overlap of it's conditions with other membrane protein screens."
Joseph D O'Connell III, UCSF, USA

"I always choose those screens as the first screens that I use for every new project. Most the time I get one hit or two. Structure Screen 1+2 and JCSG-Plus screens are absolutely my favorites! :-)"
Lan Bich Van, Aarhus University, Denmark

"We recently utilized both Morpheus and Midas as a last resort screen following failures with ("other screens") where there were no hits whatsoever to a critical target that has been investigated widely (by others for over a decade) but never crystallized (as far as we know) and deposited in the pdb. Within a week we got over two dozen hits in Morpheus of crystals of varying caliber, ripe for optimization (which is currently ongoing)."
VC, New Zealand

"We have used the Morpheus screen extensively with significant success, so much so that this is now our initial screen of choice. In the past 6 months we have determined approx. 6 new structures using crystals grown using the Morpheus screen and in our experience we get significantly more and better quality (as defined by diffraction limit) hits vs. alternative screens on the market."
Dr. Paul Race, Bristol, UK

"I grew beautiful bipiramidal single crystals which diffracted till 2.6A; I did not obtain such high quality crystals of that construct from any other commercial screen." PGA Screen
Aleksandra Fulara, University of Ghent, Belgium

"We have tried and are particularly pleased with the Midas screen, which led to crystals for two proteins that had resisted crystallisation prior to using Midas. One of the two just got published in PNAS (Batt et al., 2012), the other one led to a structure that is awaiting publication. The Morpheus is good, but not quite the success story of the Midas."
Dr. Klaus Futterer, Birmingham, UK

"JSCG+& Morpheus screen are used regularly and the good thing is that they work."
Andela Dordic, Uni-graz, Austria

"It gave me complete confidence I was replicating exactly the same condition in which I got a crystal hit in a 96 well screen, a good use for using with precious protein sample for optimisation." Structure screen 1+2 Single Reagent
Robert Salmon, University of Bath


"For any lab preparing for their first trip to the beamline, this starting pack (MD7-212) is a must. You will never be stuck with the wrong loop sizes in the middle of data collection due to the wide selection of loops in the pack. The starter pack was great for data collection of different crystal sizes and morphologies. Also loops retained their shape and did not break after multiple uses and washes.
Matt Dunne, ETH Zurich

"We have used the CryoProtX kit for several projects. We have found the kit extremely helpful for optimising cryoprotectants for our crystals. In several cases, we have seen better diffraction with the cryoprotectants that we have built with this kit, and other cases have helped to give better consistency to cryoprotection, or more favourable conditions for soaking ligands into crystals. We now use this kit as the first approach with new crystals.”
Dr Nicholas Harmer, University of Exeter.

"Picture this scenario: monday afternoon, the dewar is about to leave the lab with crystals for synchrotron measurement; you do a final inspection to your crystallization plates eagerly hoping for crystals of you new project and... voilá!!! One condition has four beautiful crystals!!! Is there still time to freeze them and send them with this shipment??? Is the condition cryo??? Will they diffract??? Since we bought the CryoProtX cryo kit, some of the questions above were self-answered: yes, there will be time (CryoProtX will save you time!!), yes, it will be cryo (CryoProtX always has a condition that your crystals will like!!!), yes, it will diffract (in our hands, CryoProtX yielded at least three new structures that were de novo phased using data collected from crystals cryo protected with CryoProtX!!). We are very very pleased with this kit and we strongly recommend it, not only as a last resort (or last minute) tool, but as an important step in the "from gene to structure" pipeline of any Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory." Refs: Rosario, A. R. and Brito, J. A., et al. (2015), Acta F71, 477-482 Sena, F. V. and Brito, J. A., et al. (2015), Molec. Microbiol. 98(2), 272-288 Brito J. A., et al. (2016) two submitted papers and one in preparation.
Jose Artur Brito, ITQB, Portugal


"A very easy to apply seal that uses pressure adhesive rather than a sticky surface. Is simple to use with easy removable tabs and is UV friendly as well. If it gave less background for in-situ then it would be even better." ClearVue™ sheets
Ambrose Cole, Birkbeck College, London


"Our JANSi UVEX microscope has been the most reliable and powerful tool in our efforts to crystallize challenging large macromolecular complexes. Our UVEX microscope has been fundamental in the following applications.
  1. Protein vs. salt crystal discrimination has saved us in several occasions from spending time (and valuable protein samples) refining spurious crystallization conditions;
  2. Discovery of sub-micrometer to low micrometer crystals in crystallization conditions bearing granular aggregates. This application has allowed us to refine and obtain large crystals from conditions that otherwise would have been dismissed.
  3. Examination and quantification of seeding materials to grow and improve recalcitrant crystallization conditions refractive to conventional manipulation.
To perform work with challenging proteins, our UVEX microscope has helped us tremendously and has become an essential piece of equipment in the laboratory. Moreover the UVEX microscope is highly affordable and has extraordinary user support. The UVEX microscope is a must in every modern crystallography lab."
Guillermo Calero, University of Pittsburgh

Super sized laser-etched glass block
"I greatly appreciated the willingness to exchange several emails in order to get the structure and orientation exactly like I wanted it. The result is superb--everything I hoped for. This is a gift for my postdoc mentor, one that I'm proud to be giving on behalf of myself and her other trainees and staff."
Joel C. Eissenberg, Ph.D., Saint Louis University School of Medicine


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