Detergent Grades

Anatrace detergents are commonly offered in two grades: Anagrade and Solgrade. But what's the difference and what is each used for?

Chemical Purity
In general, Anagrade detergents are the highest purity option, and are typically >99% pure. Solgrade (though still very pure) may have slightly higher levels of contaminants and generally have a purity level around 95-98%. Researchers might typically solubilize and purify with Solgrade and switch to Anagrade for size exclusion chromatography, analysis and crystallisation.

Anomeric Purity
With maltosides, purity is also measured in terms of anomeric content. Disaccharides, such as maltoside, have two stereo-isomers, called alpha- and beta-anomers, depending on whether the alkyl tail is in an axial or equatorial position with respect to the sugar. The difference is highlighted by red circles in the image below. Normally, the beta-anomer is preferred for membrane protein work.

  • Anagrade contains <2% alpha-anomer
  • Solgrade contains <5% alpha-anomer

There are two additional grades, HA and LA, both of >99% chemical purity, for researchers concerned about using a particular anomer:
  • HA (High Alpha) contains >94% alpha-anomer
  • LA (Low Alpha) contains <0.2% alpha-anomer, and is therefore >99% beta-anomer

In a final complication, the product D310A has Anagrade chemical purity (>99%), but is anomerically mixed, being approximately 15% alpha-anomer.

This purity grade applies to a group of industrial polyoxyethylene detergents, often known under trade names including Tween, CnEm, Triton, Brij and NP-40. These detergents are often a non-specific mix of closely related molecules and may contain additional additives and contaminants including peroxide. The exact composition may vary from lot to lot. These factors can result in undesirable effects and lack of consistency in protein extraction.

Anapoe® detergents are a trademarked group of reagents from Anatrace that take these industrial polyoxyethylene detergents and craft and purify them using chromatography to contain less than 20 µM peroxide. Anapoe detergents are specially prepared and enhanced to provide the functionality you need for membrane protein research. They are supplied as 10% aqueous solution and stored under Argon for stability.


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