• New, improved version of the original revolutionary screen
  • Based on alternative precipitants
  • Now with PPGBAs to increase polymer diversity
  • Ideal for macromolecular complexes due to the narrow range of pH and salt, centred on physiological values
  • Each condition contains at least one alternative polymeric precipitant
  • Designed to enhance PEG- and salt-based screening

Crystals grown in MIDASplus™ conditions have been used to solve many structures, just some of which are listed below.

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The perfect screen for difficult to crystallize targets, MIDAS™ was a revolutionary screen that broke away from traditional sparse matrix screening using PEG or salt as a precipitant. MIDASplus™ is an evolution of that original product: still containing many of the original components but with 21 conditions altered to accommodate a new range of alternate precipitants.

MIDASplus™ contains polypropylene glycol bis-aminopropylether (PPGBAs) to increase polymer diversity. The screen still includes Jeffamine® polyetheramines, pentaerythritol propoxylate and pentareythritol ethoxylate, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, polypropylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylate polymers from the original MIDAS™. MIDASplus™ is the only screen which utilises many of these compounds, which are only sporadically utilized in crystallization trials.

MIDASplus™, like MIDAS™ before it, was devised and tested in the laboratory of Dr Clemens Grimm and Prof Dr Utz Fischer at Würzburg University, Germany. The development of MIDAS™ is described in Grimm, C, Chari, A, Reuter, K and Fischer, U, Acta Cryst D66: 685-697. Both screens are manufactured and distributed by Molecular Dimensions under an exclusive licence.

PDB identifiers for structures of crytals grown from conditions included in MIDASplus

Publications describing structures solved from crystals grown in MIDASplus™ conditions Bradshaw, WJ, Roberts, AK, Shone, CC and Acharya, KR (2015). Acta Cryst F71: 295-303.


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