Maximize your screening potential with the drug-like additives in the new Morpheus III screen.

Exclusively from Molecular Dimensions, the new Morpheus® III screen uniquely contains a range of small, drug-like compounds to aid protein stabilization and crystallization.

  • The screen increases the chances of a hit by expanding the amount of chemical space screened with 44 small drug-like compounds including phytochemicals, antibiotics, cholic acid derivatives and vitamins.
  • Unique to Morpheus III, these compounds aid crystallization as they can be protein stabilizing and are often found in structures in the PDB.Grid screen design
  • Morpheus III is not biased towards particular macromolecules or reagents as it was designed de novo and optimized against a broad range of protein samples.
  • Hits can be easily optimized with the Hippocrates™ additive screen which contains all 44 drug-like compounds used in Morpheus III (see this webinar for advice about optimizing Morpheus conditions).
  • The novel chemical space is systematically explored with a 3D grid, utilizing 8 additive mixes, 4 cryoprotected precipitant mixes and 3 buffer systems (see right).

Morpheus III is the latest member of the Morpheus screen family developed by Dr Fabrice Gorrec of the MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK. Dr Gorrec is the creator of a range of popular and novel screens including Morpheus and the LMB Crystallization screen, all of which have successfully crystallized a number of challenging targets. Theoretical and pragmatic aspects are taken into account in the formulation of these screens from scratch and the methodolgy behind them is described in a freely available webinar (left).
Gorrec, F. The Morpheus II protein crystallization screen. Acta Crystallographica section F Structural Biology Communications 71: 831-837 (2015).
Gorrec, F. The current approach to initial crystallization screening of proteins is under-sampled. Journal of Applied Crystallography 46: 795-7 (2013).
Gorrec, F. The MORPHEUS protein crystallization screen. Journal Applied Crystallography 42: 1035-42.
Gorrec, F and Löwe, J. Automated protocols for Macromolecular Crystallization at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. J. Vis. Exp.131 (2018).
The Morpheus® III screen was developed at the MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK and exclusively licensed to Molecular Dimensions by LifeARC.


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