Adding the NeXtal brand to the family.

Over the past few years, our parent company, Calibre Scientific, has been hard at work creating a robust portfolio of structural biology companies to better serve the life sciences community. Molecular Dimensions, along with Microlytic and Anatrace, are just three of the names they’ve added to their roster since 2013. And, today, we’re excited to announce that Calibre Scientific has added another name to its expanded offering of structural biology solutions by acquiring Nextal Biotechnology and its full line of crystallization products.

As a pioneer of protein crystallization screens and plates, Nextal will no longer be a part of Qiagen, once again operating as a standalone company whose returned focus will be to simplify and accelerate the process of protein crystallization. Not only will Nextal’s long-proven crystallization screens and prized Easyxtal crystallization plates be offered, but Nextal will be recommitted to inject some fresh thinking into its crystallization legacy by developing new products, as well. And we'll be keeping plenty of stock of all their products in our UK warehouse, so you can be assured of rapid delivery times wherever you are located.

To learn more about our new corporate sibling, visit And for your future Nextal orders, place them directly with Nextal at the same address, or reach them at


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