The perfect pair for rapid and reliable gel electrophoresis analysis.

High quality, fast-acting stains and clear protein ladders ensure that your gel electrophoresis gives you reliable results, more rapidly every day. That's why we're offering you the chance to sample, completely free of charge, our high performance, rapid-acting QC stain (GEN-QC-Stain-30ML) and high intensity Elite protein ladders (PAL-EPL-500) so you can achieve more in your laboratory this year!

QC stained gelQuick Coomassie (QC) stain from ProteinArk provides rapid results (protein bands appear in just 15 minutes) combined with unrivalled performance. Five nanogram protein bands can be resolved making QC stain upto 50 times more sensitive than other fast-acting stains. The stain is ideal for accurate protein quantification due to its low background and is safe (no organic solvent or phosphoric acid) and stable at room temperature. With QC stain you can identify your protein quickly and reliably, letting you achieve more in the lab every day.

Without molecular weight markers, even the clearest gel is useless. Our Elite protein ladder is an ideal partner for the QC stain, providing a high-intensity, 3-colour protein standard with clear bands and an expanded molecular weight range (6.5-270 kDa) with 100% electroblot transfer efficiency.

To receive your free samples of QC stain and Elite protein ladder, just email us, and we'll send them straight out to you!


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