Crystal Picture Competition

Congratulations to our Eclipse Crystal Image Award Winner 2019.

2018 Award winnerCongratulations to James Noble of Sussex University, who has won the 2019 Eclipse Crystal Image award with these beautiful shooting star-like crystals grown from Structure Screen I (pictured left). The well-deserved prize of a Google Home hands-free will shortly be arriving on his doorstep!

The standard of entries this year was extremely high, and we have been delighted to get the chance to see all your amazing crystals. In fact, we have been so impressed with the number and quality of images that we have decided to award runners-up prizes as it proved impossible to choose a single winner. the first runner-up prize goes to David Rice, Hayley Owen and Sheila Nathan of Sheffield University for the kissing pac-men, grown from our popular Proplex screen. The most popular image amongst our twitter followers! The second runner up is Sarah N, in Cambridge, MA, who entered via Twitter. Her gorgeous bunches of flowers grown from the successful Morpheus® screen were highly admired!


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